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Bones the bod in the pod
Critic Grade: B+
November 20, 2012  /   1 Comment

‘Bones’ Review ” The Bod in the Pod”

After last week’s heart heavy episode, Bones returns this week with its typical lighter fare. This, however, doesn’t mean that we are devoid of an ooky body, some pretty spectacular science and the things that make you go hmmmm.

Our victim this week is crime scene clean-up man Charles Milner, who is discovered in a seamless, vacuum sealed pod of hard plastic sheeting. This of course sets Hodgin’s (TJ Thyne) conspiratorial heart a flutter. Aliens, abduction, pod people, you name it, Hodgins has thought of it, much to the dismay and delight of his co-workers. No Hodgins heavy episode would be complete, of course, without the use of some extremely expensive equipment and experimentation. Although, what exactly he was thinking of when he stuck his entire head into the newly opened pod filled with the gelatinous remains of our victim and proceeds to take a deep whiff, is beyond me. I know this is t.v., but the alleged smell alone was enough to make my stomach lurch.

Our intern of the week is Arastoo Viziri (Pej Vahdat) and it seems that  Arastoo is the onion of Shrek lore. There are so many layers to Mr. Viziri.  The further back you peel his layers the more you love him. On the outside you have what he wraps himself in, his religion, intellect and humor. Last night we got to see his heart and soul. Poets tend to reveal everything they are in their poetry and Arastoo is no exception. Last night as he recited his ‘Ode to Cam’ in Farsi, his heart was exposed in words I didnt understand and it doesnt even matter. Raw emotion was written on both his and Cam’s (Tamara Taylor) face so well, that even Hodgins understood them.

Meanwhile, the case heats up as it is discovered that the victim not only cheated on his wife but had a contentious relationship with his main competitor, Melvin Carville (Brad William Henke). Our list of probable suspects is short this week. On one hand we have Booth (David Boreanaz) and Sweets (John Frances Daly) in the camp of the victim’s stepson Davey (Kevin G. Schmidt) and Brennan who’s gut is telling her Melvin is their guy. Booth is quite unsettled about Brennan following her gut because as he so eloquently states it “it’s his gut that bubbles”. Brennan is supposed to be the impartial, rational one.

Once the believed crime scene is pinpointed, Booth and Brennan parade both suspects into the home to gauge their reaction and it soon becomes obvious that Brennan’s instinct was right. Melvin, grinning, dares Brennan to find a trace of proof against him. You don’t dare Temperance Brennan. That is tantamount to waving a red cape at a bull. She tears the house apart and visually finds nothing. However with the help of a hair dryer and a bare concrete floor, Brennan performs a nifty bit of science, liquefying the blood of our victim and drawing it to the surface.  Angela ( Michaela Conlin) pinpoints on the crime scene photos points of deep saturation and Brennan concludes those points are the knees and toes of the killer. In case you didn’t know, knee prints are as unique as fingerprints. Gotcha Melvin. Case closed.

Overall, this was a very decent episode. The case was good, Brennan realized again she doesn’t like relying on her gut and the relationship between Cam and Arastoo is a pleasant surprise. I honestly thought it would be Clark (Eugene Byrd) who Cam would be paired with. I actually have high hopes for the Camstoo (yeah, I went there, even though I hate the name) pairing. It can’t be anymore awkward than dating your daughter’s gynecologist, right? I’m so glad Cam finally realized that that was just wrong.

Bones airs Mondays at 8pm EST on FOX


  • BobSmith111

    If it wasn’t for Bones, I wouldn’t be watching anything on TV right now, and I almost missed this episode if it wasn’t for my Hopper satellite receiver from DISH. I forgot to set my DVR timer to record it, but then I remembered a co-worker at DISH told me the Primetime Anytime feature on my Hopper automatically records all my primetime shows from NBC, CBS, ACB, and FOX. It’s a great feature to have in a DVR, especially if you’re forgetful like me.