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March 4, 2013  /   1 Comment

‘Bones’ Review: “The Survivor in the Soap”

Bones, I really don’t have an issue with your body reveals. I never have. I’m not squeamish by nature, the blood and guts don’t bother me, eyeballs in toilets are pretty neat, bodies hanging from trees, no big deal; but when you mess with my comfort in bathing we have a problem. I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing that a dead body can create soap. Now that’s all I’ll think about whenever I’m showering, washing my hands, or doing dishes. Thanks a lot, show.

The Case:
Romantic plans for both Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Arastoo (Pej Vahdat) are interrupted when the FBI drops off a vat full of human remains. Brennan and the Squints figure out the victim is a refugee from the Sierra Leone civil war. They team up with Alex (Danny Woodburn) at the state department to find the killer.

The Squints:
So, I’m throwing Alex in here quickly, because I frakking LOVE him! He’s not quite on par with Caroline Julian, but he’s up there. I love his patriotism, his unbridled devotion to the good ole U-S of A. I’m surprised he and Booth don’t get along better. Their chemistry is simply divine, and I really hope we get to see more of him in future episodes. Alex is just antagonistic enough to irritate Booth, but enough of a good guy that he (most likely) doesn’t grate on viewers.

I love seeing Sweets (John Francis Daley) interacting with Booth and Brennan – both at work and at home. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but haters can suck it. I think Sweets brings another dimension to Booth and Brennan’s relationship. He can poke and prod them personally and professionally, which helps develop their characters and their chemistry further.

The Squintern:
Cam’s getting thrown in here for obvious reasons, she and Arastoo are in a relationship. Raise your hand if you’re completely surprised at how serious they are. I mean, I was floored when Arastoo came right out and said that he loves Cam. I still can’t really wrap my brain around it. I still feel a little uncomfortable seeing them together, but it’s balanced by a sort of giddy feeling which just winds up making me confused about where I stand on the relationship. I will say before it goes any farther, Arastoo might want to seek some professional help. He’s a very emotional character and his outbursts probably aren’t going to help him in the lab. Don’t get me wrong, all this civil war nonsense (both in Iran and Africa) is horrible, but Mr. Vaziri seems to have some major issues dealing with his past, as referenced in this episode and “The Patriot in Purgatory.” Factor in his penchant for lying (remember his fake accent?), and I’d say we need to page Dr. Sweets.

For most of the season, B&B have seemed really in sync, but the past three episodes or so there’s been some pretty major tension between Booth and Brennan, and I just don’t understand where it’s coming from. It’s not just staying at home, either. There was a little display of professional discord as well. I don’t mind that B&B have minor disagreements and squabbles, but it’s popping up out of the blue and getting resolved with no clear explanation and its confusing me. I feel like something is off with their chemistry, or in the writing and it’s making B&B seem forced. I will say I am glad to see a pseudo-competent resolution to their vacation debacle, complete with Brennan compromising, but I still don’t understand where all their friction is coming from. I need more background people! Tell me if Booth is still mad that Brennan left, or if he’s worried since the shooting – don’t make me infer. I don’t like it.

The Verdict:
This is a solid episode. I really appreciate the light that is shined on the civil wars going on around the world. It makes me realize, as bad as we think things are here in America, they could be a whole lot worse. One of the best things about Bones is the fact that most episodes have a deeper meaning. It’s not just about finding the bad guy and getting justice for victims – it’s about showing the bigger picture and opening up people’s eyes to more than just mindless entertainment. Bones does a lot of things terrifically, but giving people perspective is at the top of my list.

  • http://www.facebook.com/skylark66 Sky Lark

    Suck it, really, that’s the best you can do? B & B dont need a third party in their relationship, they are doing just fine. They will never be or I would want them to be ooey, gooey Hodgela. They don’t need a third child, its time he goes out on his own, waaaay past time. I am also tired of being hit over the head each week with the atrocities in the world, lighten up Bones. Bring back the center, am exhausted with these C stories they are trying to make the main story.