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May 7, 2013  /   No Comments
Ryan’s Remote: Despite Problem Areas, FOX and The CW Don’t Have Much Space to Play With Next Fall

Unlike CBS, NBC, or ABC, FOX and The CW don’t program their 10:00 p.m. hours, but instead, give the hour back to the affiliates for an earlier newscast. That alone makes predicting what they will each do with their 2013-2014 primetime schedules a lot easier.

Community 4x11
May 7, 2013  /   No Comments
‘Community’ Exclusive: Sony Wants Six Seasons and a Movie! (Video)

This is it, fellow ‘Community’ fans. It appears as though NBC hasn’t made up their mind whether to cancel or renew the series for a fifth season. The way I see it, if the demo goes up this week, it’s saved. If the demo goes down, class dismissed! So #WatchCommunityLive Thursday night at 8/7c for the epic season finale!

May 7, 2013  /   No Comments
Ryan’s Remote: Will CBS’ Ratings Momentum Continue? 2013-2014 Predictions

Last week, I took a look at NBC’s current fourth place stasis and made my guesses for their 2013-2014 primetime schedule. Today, we’ll take a look at CBS and the potential moves and pickups for their fall schedule.

Critic Grade: F
May 6, 2013  /   1 Comment
‘How I Met Your Mother’ Review: “Something Old”

They are never ever getting back together, right? A week before Barney and Robin’s big day, Ted and Robin share a moment in Central Park, and Barney goes laser-tagging with Robin’s father.

Critic Grade: A-
May 6, 2013  /   No Comments
‘Revenge’ Review: “Engagement”

Emily and Daniel announce their re-engagement; Aiden’s thirst for resolution results in a fatal battle with Takeda; Charlotte’s barhopping days are numbered; Jack learns why Emily broke off her first engagement to Daniel; Victoria gets Jack to spill the beans about his plan to takedown her husband.